- Marc E. Platt


A Story For Evolving Hearts

The time is in the near future. The world is suffering more and more. Paranoia rules the waves and the U.S. and China are in a race perfecting the ultimate weapon of destruction. World war is lurking around the corner, as man gets angrier.

As the predictions for the end of the world look likely, Mike, a journalist, begins to uncover the scoop of our lifetime, which takes him on an adventure to India, England and then back to the United States. His story is not taken kindly and his life soon becomes a matter of National Security.
But there is another element involved here, the cause of the story itself. To the shock and amazement of the people lost in a world of power and money comes the news that the ultimate power, The Creator Himself, is going to reveal himself to the planet and is going to bring an everlasting peace with him, and a new consciousness to the people. What?

Is Mike crazy? What are the reasons for the apparent miracles? Where does this man come from and are his intentions true? What is this experience and what does the C.I.A. and the Chinese have to do with it?

Is he a fraud or is he really the Incarnation of God – The Creator? It Will Leave Your Head In The Clouds.


What people have said about “Heaven At Last”

  • A very unusual piece with a unique vision and a very profound potential. It left a heartfelt feeling – Marc E. Platt
  • A very beautiful story – Lesley Ann Down
  • Wonderful – Lindsay Wagner
  • A powerful story that should not, cannot be denied – Maylo Aymes
  • Funnier than Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, more awesome than 2001 a space odyssey. Deeply profound – Don Seagel
  • Simply beautiful – Jackie Zeeman
  • Armageddonish in tone, its inspiring emphasis on the importance of faith over our often skewed interllectual reasoning makes listening to it an enjoyable way to spend an evening, recommended – Patty Unko (Whole Life Times)
  • Very unique – Maria Mack (Editor, Bantam Books)