Throughout the years that Heaven At Last has been coming together, we realized early on that we needed to be independent.Please join us by purchasing an ebook and the audiobook.


Heaven At Last eBook


As the world heads toward turmoil and the U.S.A. and China both race to perfect a new and ultimate weapon, a journalist uncovers, the ultimate meaning of life and the man who can save the world?
121 pages

Heaven At Last eBook

Audio Book

Narrated by Michael Springthorpe
Music Composed and engineered by Richard Springthorpe
Recorded at Lethal Ron’s recording Studio, Malibu, California
180 mins approx.

Heaven At Last audiobook and ebook

Bundle – eBook and Audio Book

The time is in the near future and the U.S. and China are In a race to perfect the ultimate weapon. A device of technology able to control the weather and to cause famine when and where at will.
But as things look bleak for mankind, Mike Brenner a New York journalist begins to uncover the scoop of all time while he begins his search for the ultimate meaning of life and discovers a man who can show it to him, and save the world?