Personal Introduction by Beth


Hello, my name is Beth and I would like to share with you the story of our very special, labor of love, movie project entitled, “Heaven At Last.”

I met Paul in London in 1983 when he was in film school. We fell in love and were pregnant with our first daughter when this movie “Heaven At Last” was channeled to him. The whole film just came to him and as he scribbled it out I typed it up.

I was amazed because in this movie script, were scenarios and incidents I had already heard about in my travels around the world. I hadn’t shared any of this information with him yet so I was, of course, totally intrigued and blissed out to be receiving this message.

So at eight months pregnant we set out from London back to Malibu to make “Heaven At Last.” This was almost thirty years ago and we never stopped knowing this simple, powerful film was going to be made. This movie has a life of its own. We are just the vehicle.

During the past thirty years, Paul has made several drafts of the film script as well as writing the book of “Heaven At Last.” So many people liked this film concept from the beginning that people have done the costumes, storyboards, music and more all on the faith that “Heaven At Last” was happening.

Many heavyweights in the industry really liked “Heaven At Last” but didn’t know what to do with it. This project was clearly ahead of its time and most surely in its own right time.

Rick Springfield became a good friend and along with his brother Michael Springthorpe, he made an audio-book version of “Heaven At Last.”
This is now an ebook and available for your listening pleasure. I must say, over the years and now, I get blissed out everytime I listen to the simple message this script carries.

Many in the business used to say it was too simple but now with consciousness rising on a grand scale, simple is what we needed all along and need now more than ever. All is as it should be.

Over this time we were blessed with six beautiful amazing goddess daughters who we were fortunate enough to raise in the magical energy vortex of Malibu.

Paul worked in the entertainment business and we created The Malibu Chronicle, a conscious publication serving Malibu and its environs, which we published for fifteen years until selling it in 2012.

Since then Paul has been actively involved with his son, Ben, in production for Higher Ground, The Journey to Noah’s Ark (animated adventure from the animal’s perspective) This highly awaited feature is in the genre of Disney Classics and is being fashioned by the creators of Mulan, Kung Fu Panda and Megamind at Unified Pictures, to be released in 2015.

With the release of the ebook novel version of “Heaven At Last”, digitized from the original audio recording by Rick Springfield we reach out to offer all of you who long to be a part of peace manifesting on earth, the opportunity to share in the raising of consciousness that is possible through the medium of film.