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Throughout the years that Heaven At Last has been coming together, we realized early on that we needed to be independent.

"There is no such thing as coincidence, only divine direction."
- from Heaven at Last


I had found an old Theosophy book with beautiful art and huge portfolio as well as amazing bookbinding in a grand size. I read inside that this book was published by contacting all of those people who held similar beliefs and spiritual experiences and who would be the potential buyers of the book and asking them each to contribute a sum towards publication. This made sense because it is those who are experiencing the intelligence of the heart and are awake who will be the supporters and purchasers of conscious information.

Once you wake up yourself and get to know your own divine nature, it naturally follows that you want to share this information with others. We are all brothers and sisters, after all, and that invisible thread of love that connects us makes us all one.

It has been said and I find this true in my own life, that, higher than Samadhi (enlightenment), is the ability to see God in every human being. This is my joy and gives me a life full of playing with my Creator in all his various designs of the crown of creation, and floating in the ocean of love that I live in, that we all live in………we just need to open the eyes of our heart that see.

Another quote from Kabir is appropriate here. “The fish in the water is thirsty and it makes me laugh.” Of course, we are the fish who are swimming in an ocean of love and don’t know it. But the wonderful news is that we can know it because inside of every human heart is the best friend any of us will ever have.

This is the message of Heaven At Last and it is indeed a message worth sharing.


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Teamwork is truly divine and this is an opportunity to do together what our hearts call us to do in loving service to the One that breathes us and holds death at bay so we can enjoy this experience called life.

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